We believe in the value of the spaces we inhabit…the quiet power they have to inspire us, stimulate us and engage us.  Through thoughtful analysis of site, program and client, we are committed to producing architecture that moves beyond the ordinary…architecture which elevates the condition of the place and people it serves.  By being collaborative and exploratory in our process, we are dedicated to creating places that are defined by thoughtful, authentic concepts executed with the highest commitment to craft.


Founded in 2013, Independent Design Architects is a collaborative practice focusing on the conception, implementation and execution of thoughtful, creative design.  We are excited by the opportunity to positively affect the built environment regardless of a project’s complexity, budget or scope.  With experience working in major metropolitan centers throughout the US, Europe and Asia, Independent’s leadership brings an international perspective which enriches the creative potential we see in each new project.  IDEA has expertise across a broad range of building typologies including commercial, residential, educational and cultural projects, ranging in size from 500 sf to over 5,000,000 sf.  Most importantly, beyond figure or form, we are dedicated to developing meaningful, lasting solutions for our clients and for those whose lives are impacted by the spaces we create.


Independent emphasizes the visualization and organization of architectural space as the critical first step for the creation of any meaningful design, laying a foundation of substance rather than style.  To accomplish this we utilize an iterative design process that marries creativity with functionality through investigation and critical analysis/comparison.  This process yields a natural and intuitive direction which embraces the unique opportunities of each project.  Diligent, focused attention to detail and an intimate connection to material and material craft are a pervasive focus and have direct links to the emotion we strive to instill in each project. 


We know the threat of climate change is real.  We believe architects have a responsibility to design architecture that minimizes pollution, the depletion of natural resources and the destruction of existing ecosystems.  We understand that true sustainability is not rooted in a checklist, but rather how we fundamentally design, construct and use buildings.  We believe integrating sustainable measures is a vital component to making places that enhance the community, enrich the lives of the users and add lasting value for our clients.